Customer Service is FREE at Perry County Mutual Insurance Company


Youíve heard what people say,  ďNothing is ever free anymore, or if it is free it probably isnít worth itĒ.  Well Perry County Mutual Insurance Company is proud to offer our excellent customer service to you at no extra cost.  Whether itís a question, or general information we will be glad to take the time you need to feel comfortable with your insurance coverage.  Need to make a claim?  We will be here to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

You see, we are a policyholder owned company.  Are you tired of dealing with those big corporations and 800 numbers?  Are you just a policy number to the company you deal with now?   At Perry County Mutual Insurance Company youíre more than just a number.  You are the people we work for, so we make every effort to give you excellent customer service.  And the best part about it, it really is free.

Stop by or contact us at 547-6633 and see what we can do for you.



You may not want to make a claim, but when you have to, Perry County Mutual Insurance Company is known for fast and fair claim service.  Whether itís a result of damage to your home or personal property, or a claim made by someone else against you,

You can count on us to process your claim efficiently.

Policyholders can contact their agent to report a weekend or after hours claim which requires immediate attention or they can call our office at (573) 547-6633 from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday. 


TIPS TO REMEMBERÖ Protect your property from further damage after a disaster.  If necessary, conduct temporary repairs to prevent additional damage.

bulletContact your agent as soon as possible.
bulletIf the damage is caused by theft or vandalism, call the police immediately and check your property for missing items.  Start an inventory of missing items and their value.
bulletIn the event of a liability claim against you, report all available information regarding the incident to your agent.
bulletDo not accept responsibility.  
bulletCo-operate fully with your insurance claims representative.
bulletDonít discuss the incident with anyone representing the person claiming against you.



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