History of Perry County Mutual Insurance Company

Perry County Mutual Insurance Company was originally organized on May 31, 1890 and has been in continuous operation since that date. A group of community leaders

took the initiative to protect their property when they found that the large eastern insurance companies would not do so at a reasonable price.

The company was founded as The Perry County Farmers Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Company.  It was incorporated in 1909 as the Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Perry County, Missouri and it retained that name until 1972 when it was changed to its present form.  

August 1971: Albert Moore, Lon Hayden, Wm. T. Wibbenmeyer, Pres. Gilbert Dreyer, and Hubert Schamburg

The original Board of Directors was made up of the following gentlemen: James F. Tucker, Nerius Tucker, M.G. Abernathy, Wm. F. Walker, Geo. Hayden, H.M. Layton, Geo. W. Crow, Jas. H. Difani.  These men saw a problem to be solved and used the means provided them by the laws of Missouri to solve it.  By their actions a company was born which continues to provide low cost protection and quality service to their descendants and to their community. 

The first paragraph of the original ‘Articles of Incorporation’ states: 

Whereas the farming community of Perry County, Missouri has long

felt the necessity of a cheaper and safer insurance than they now have,

and also the necessity of retaining at home the large sums of money

annually taken from them without adequate compensation whereby

the community is drained continually of no small proportion of its

much needed capital for the benefit of the Eastern States and foreign



Perry County Mutual Insurance Company is still guided by these precepts.  This company is policyholder owned.  There are no stockholders to drain capital from the company’s reserves.  These invested funds generate an income which serves to lower insurance costs. 


A company office building was constructed at its present location in 1961.  Prior to this the company was operated from the secretary’s home and the annual meetings were held in the courthouse.  The office building was expanded in 1980 to its present size and completely remodeled in 1998.  PCMIC continues to grow in all aspects of the business thanks to strong community support and an aggressive business plan.  

Perry County Mutual Insurance Company is authorized to write insurance anywhere in the state of Missouri.  We offer Homeowner policies in addition to Farm protection.  When you insure with PCMIC, you have a vote in how the company is operated.  The company is audited periodically by the Missouri Department of Insurance and reviewed by a CPA firm annually.  

The directors and officers are Mike Kiefer, President;  Ralph Schamburg, Sec./Mgr.;  Dale Schamburg, Vice President;  Gary Scholl and Terry Leible.


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